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Production Artwork

We offer 100% production .svg and .psd art services for specialty print applications, signs and banners, promotional products, web use and much more.

Whether you need artwork for a small promotional item or wide format applications, we can provide the perfect solution for any application.

Our artwork productions, created by experienced artists, are always delivered on time and of great quality.

Your artwork is only a simple phone call or email away.  Let us service your needs.  Simply email for a no hassle quote.

For artwork that requires PRINTING only, use any of these formats:

Depending on the resolution and pixel base, images in formats such as PDF, PSD, JPG, TIFF may become blurry when enlarged and are therefore not ideal for large prints. For best results, please submit artwork with a minimum of 300 dpi.  If your artwork is in one of these formats, please make sure that the file(s) you upload meet these requirements: (Logo design not included)

  • .Ai

  • .JPG

  • .TIF

  • .PNG

  • .PDF

  • .EPS

For artwork that requires CUTTING, a vector file is required:
  • 25% scale at 100ppi

  • 100% scale at 125ppi

  • 50% scale at 250ppi

  • 25% scale at 500ppi

  • .Ai

  • .EPS

  • .CDR

  • .PNG (Preferred)

More file tips:
  • Set the canvas size in proportion to the size of the product you are ordering.

  • To prevent any text or images from falling on the hemline or on an eyelet, keep them at least 2 inches away from the edge.

  • When uploading a graphic project file, make sure all required files are embedded in the canvas. Alternatively, you can upload each required file separately.


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